10 Tips For “Work From Home” Healthy Habits

by Megan Kioulafofski
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How Do You Stay Healthy Working From Home

Working remotely is old hat now, we’re all used to it to an extent. But the key to maintaining productivity and focus when working from home is having a good routine based on healthy habits

To help you make sure yours is efficient and, most importantly healthy, here are some useful WFM tips that we’ll dive into:

  1. Organizing your space
  2. Taking breaks
  3. Food and drink decisions

Don’t just muddle on, it’s important to stay healthy and happy, so get ready to make a few simple tweaks to your day with these work from home ideas.

Self-Organization is Key For Living Healthy at Home

If all your work is digital then organizing is inherently simpler and easier to maintain with home-based work. But for those of us who have papers, drawings or invoices everywhere, it’s less so. These following habits are not only healthy, but also useful when organizing your work from home:

Tip #1: Get in the habit of adding dates and initials to digital file names

Keeping digital files in order can be done by adding dates and initials to the actual file name. That way, even if it’s been amended or you have multiple versions from other co-workers, they’re easy to track back to their owner if you have queries.

Tip #2: Clearly organize your digital files

You could go by project or by the client. Either way, it’ll be easier to track down the invoice or email if everything is in a common-place space or digital folder. 

Tip #3: Date and color code your physical copies

Similar to your digital files, adding the date to your papers will help you keep track of payments or decisions. Sticky notes or date stamps are an easy option for that. Then, routinely color-code them into project or client binders and box files, to keep things tidy. This will save a lot of time (and stress) finding them later when you’re in a crunch!

Take Breaks

Another work from home healthy habit you should implement in your life is to take breaks. We mean it! Breaks are essential to prevent you from burning out. 

Regular breaks in your working day are needed to improve focus, reduce stress levels and maintain your wellbeing. This is especially important when you’re working from home and your personal life is the same place. 

For a better home living environment, think about adding some of these actions to your daily routine, to improve your health and wellbeing.

Tip #4: Keep your home office separate from your home life

If you have a spare room or actual home office, this will be much easier for you to do.

Those of us with smaller spaces, will just have to improvise.

If you’re setting your office up in the living room, don’t use that part of it outside of working hours. Keep your relaxing, eating and working areas separate, to create a bit of work-life balance.

Tip #5: Get moving

When looking for healthy habits to practice from home, don’t forget about doing some form of daily physical exercise. 

Fresh air does wonders, so make the most of your lunchtimes by getting outside for a breath of fresh air, or meet up with a friend for coffee. Since you have less physical interaction with people, making sure to stay social is a good idea. You may go crazy otherwise!

Here are some of our favorite ideas for getting outside on a work day:

  • Go for a walk before work, to wake you up
  • Use your lunchtime for an invigorating run, or another type of workout
  • Take a stroll after work to simulate your commute home

Tip #6: You still need rest breaks and ergonomic setups

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean that office advice doesn’t stand.

Take short breaks every so often, to look at something other than your computer screen for at least a minute. This helps you prevent eye strain. 

You should also try to get a good ergonomic office chair and check that your set up meets as many of the guidelines as possible. You should do your best to prevent harm to your posture and eyes.

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The Best Food and Drink Decisions For Living Healthy at Home

One of the great things about working from home is probably the money we’re saving on lunches. Instead of meal deals and fast food, we’re able to spend our lunch breaks making healthier food and drink decisions.

Tip #7: Snack right

If you want to start some new healthy habits, working from home is a great opportunity to go all out on your snacks and boost your vegetables and fruits intake. 

Try making a mid-morning smoothie for an energy boost (no need to worry about the mess or noise). Enjoy those hard-boiled eggs with no judgement from your desk mate. And crunch as loud as you like on your homemade hummus and veggie sticks. 

Looking for some more healthy eating inspiration? Here are some other options.

Tip #8: Stay hydrated

Our bodies are around 60% made from water, so we need to keep drinking it to keep functioning properly. 

Keep your glass topped up with water or squash throughout the day, and try to drink at least 2 liters (the recommended amount) for most impact. Consider taking a water bottle everywhere or put a large water bottle in the fridge to have cooled water all day long.

Tip #9: Don’t eat at your desk

Even if your work set up is doubling as your dining table, try to find somewhere else to eat. It’ll not only improve your work-life balance, but your computer equipment can carry a huge number of germs and bacteria.

Tip #10: Make healthy food choices

Working from home means you can create delicious hot lunches and enjoy freshly made food every day. But it also means you’ll be moving around less. 

To live healthy at home, keep an eye on how many sweets, fatty foods and high-carb meals you’re consuming – you may be eating more energy than your body needs. 

Whatever you do while you’re working remotely, adding these work from home healthy habits to your routine certainly won’t hurt you. And they may improve your health and wellbeing too. 

So, take that walk on your lunch break, order a few box files for your home office and drink plenty of water as well. They’re little changes that don’t take much effort for most people, but could make a huge impact on your home-based work life.

For more information about health, or for some great eco friendly living tips, follow our blog and check out our organic cotton bag products for sustainable eating and living. 

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