10 Ways Conserving Water Can Save Money While Protecting The Environment

by Megan Kioulafofski
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How Conserving Water Can Save Us Money While Also Protecting The Environment

Wondering how conserving water can help us save money while protecting the environment?

First things first, why conserve water?

Because water is a finite commodity. This means that if our water use isn’t managed properly, we will all have to deal with water shortages in the future. 

Thus, water conservation activities in the home and in your eco friendly garden can go a long way to helping us protect the precious water resources we are left.

Check Your Toilet For Leaks 

One way you can check your toilets for leaks, is by adding a few drops of food colouring in your toilet tank. Don’t flush and wait till 25-30 min pass.

If the colour starts to show in the bowl, then you have a leak somewhere in the toilet. This minor leak could be wasting gallons of water every day so make sure to repair it fast.

Store Water

This is not a modern method of water conservation but a practice people did for hundreds of years.

Except for saving money while protecting the environment, conserving water is also crucial in case of an emergency. Whatever happens, clean and drinkable water is absolutely critical for our survival.

Fit round water tanks to gather and store water for drier times. With the current global warming and weather changes, the dry season can now be longer than before. That’s why storing water in areas that are known for their dry spells is a must.

One more thing you can do is put a water butt in the garden to store rainwater. This can be later used to water the garden.

Put A Plastic Bottle In Your Toilet Tank

Get a one litre bottle and put an inch or two of sand and pebbles in the bottom to weight it down. Fill the rest of the bottle with water, and put it inside the toilet tank. 

Make sure it is safely away from the operating mechanism. In the average home, the bottle could save filling gallons of water every day. And all this without making your toilet less efficient. 

If you have a large tank, you might have room for two bottles. 

Daily Water Conservation Activity – Take Shorter Showers

Did you know that the average shower uses five to ten gallons of water every minute?

Unfortunately, taking showers is one of the main ways we all waste water each day!

So try and limit your showers as much as possible. Only shower for the length of time you need to wash, and don’t just stand under the water. 

woman taking short shower as water conservation activity

Keep a Bottle Of Drinking Water In The Fridge

Fill a bottle or jug with water, and keep it in the fridge so that you have cold water ready to drink. 

This means that when you want a glass of water, you won’t waste water by leaving the tap running while you wait for it to cool. 

Water Your Lawn Only When It Needs It

Another water conservation activity which can make a lot of difference is to water your lawn on a regular schedule. This will also prevent rainfalls or cool spells to flood it when it will need less water.

Check if your lawn needs water by stepping on the grass. When you move your foot, if the grass springs back up, it doesn’t need watering. 

Deep-Soak Your Lawn

When you do water your lawn, do it for a long enough time. Like this, moisture will have time to reach down to the roots, where water is most needed. 

Using a light sprinkle will just spray water on the surface of the earth, which will then evaporate fast and be wasted. 

Put A Layer Of Mulch Around Trees And Plants

Growing mulch is not only great for conserving water and saving money while protecting the environment, but it can also help you grow healthier plants.

Why is mulch beneficial for your flowers?

Mulch slows down the evaporation of moisture, helping plants to hold onto the water you give them for a longer time. This means you’ll need to water them less often, and with less quantities. 

Use A Broom To Clean Driveways And Sidewalks

Using a hose is a good way to waste hundreds of gallons of water.

Instead of blasting the driveway, give it a good brush with a broom to get it clean. 

Avoid Playing With Sprinklers Or The Hose

Have you ever wondered how much water we waste when our children play with sprinklers in the garden?

Explain to your family and children why it’s important to conserve water, and offer them some fun alternatives. Playing with sprinklers is an activity kids love indeed, but wastes too much water to be worth it. 

Found our advice on how conserving water can help us save money while protecting the environment useful? Follow our blog for more eco-friendly living and zero waste living tips like these.

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