Four Sustainable Beauty Brands That Leave The Planet A Little More Beautiful

by Megan Kioulafofski
woman using sustainable beauty brands

Ready for some pampering? Here are four sustainable beauty brands that are great for both self, and environmental care.

After the hard year we’ve had, it could benefit all of us to indulge in some self care. But although the pandemic seems to have eased, we are now faced with another challenge: the ongoing climate crisis. 

While self care has become somewhat of a buzzword, and certainly encompasses far more than cosmetics and relaxation, there is no denying that indulgence can be a way to destress and relax. However, using products with a negative environmental impact can turn self care into selfish care.

Fortunately for beauty addicts with a conscience, there is no need to compromise morals and ethics when it comes to beauty products, as many beauty brands are increasingly investing in more eco-friendly and climate conscious practices. These include reducing plastic usage, minimizing the use of harmful ingredients, but also investing, campaigning and developing initiatives that push for change. 

While there are huge numbers of brands that are increasingly committed to these measures, the following four sustainable beauty brands are our favorites, and will leave both you and the planet feeling good. 


sustainable beauty brands include lush cosmetics

When most people think of Lush, they think of their bright, candy-colored products and whimsical stores that combine the wonder of Willy Wonka with the unpretentious atmosphere of a farmers market. 

Arguably, they are best known for their bath bombs, a packaging-free product that manages to appeal to a range of people through being indulgent enough for clean beauty addicts and cool enough for Gen-Z TikToks. But Lush have far more to offer than these effervescent delights. 

Since their founding in 1995, Lush has introduced a number of products that have revolutionized the market of sustainable beauty brands. How did they do that? By cutting down on the use of preservatives and packaging through introducing a range of solid products, including shampoo and massage bars.

In addition to minimising the use of packaging with these products, the packaging in the rest of their products are 90% recycled. Their CEO Mark Constantine has spoken about the need to be a campaigning company, one that is as interested in external issues (including fox hunting and femicide), and it is exciting to consider what they may do next. 

Beauty Kubes 

 beauty kubes

Another solid shampoo that minimizes the use of plastic packaging, Beauty Kubes were founded in 2017 in the UK. 

Aiming to provide an alternative to solid shampoo and conditioner bars, these cubes form a rich lather that smells rich and feels luxurious. Why did we add Beauty Kubes on our sustainable beauty brands’ list? Because these solid cubes are silicone free, sulphate free and palm oil free, and, unlike conventional shampoo bars, are single use. 

This means that some of the issues with shampoo bars (like the residue they leave behind on the bathtub, and their tendency to disintegrate) are non-existent. Even better, they are ideal for the gym and international travel. 

Jo Loves

 jo loves

Jo Malone has spoken extensively on how her eponymous brand was a game changer in the cosmetics industry. So it should come as no surprise that her latest venture Jo Loves is just as innovative and deserves to occupy a proud, third place in our best sustainable beauty brands list.

Not content with making all the products in the range eco friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free, Jo’s drive towards innovation has led her to create the fragrance paintbrush. This product allows you to paint her sensuous scents directly onto the skin, making them more portable than standard fragrances. 

Even better than this, it is a refillable product. While many skincare brands are exploring refillable packaging (such as Ouai and Tata Harper), this is something that is brand new in the world of perfumery. More than this, the products themselves – including Pink Vetiver, Green Orange and Coriander and White Rose and Lemon Leaves – smell divine and unexpected. 


 eco friendly brands include davines

Italian beauty brand Davines was founded on principles placing sustainability and beauty on equal footing. They publish an annual sustainability report, and are committed to using ingredients that are sustainable, while still being luxurious. 

They have recently partnered with Rodale Institute, pioneers of regenerative organic agriculture. This partnership will involve the development of a new 10 acre site that will have a focus on developing research into managing organic farming in a Mediterrainian climate, with a particular focus on the links between personal care ingredients and farming. 

While you can relax in the assurance that Davines are committed to sustainability issues, there is nothing more relaxing than the heady fragrance of their products. Their Oi Oil harnesses the nourishing power of roucou oil to leave hair gleaming and nourished, and their Momo shampoo hydrates dry hair through the power of yellow melon seed.

Found these sustainable beauty brands worth trying? We bet you did! So then why not have a look at our eco friendly, reusable produce bags too, and add some extra boost to your environmental efforts.

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