3 Green Living Solutions On a Budget

by Megan Kioulafofski
save energy

Go Green, Save Green

Many of us have started implementing green living solutions in our daily lives and that’s great news for the environment. The more we can do to reduce plastic waste and live sustainable, the more we will be doing to protect the world around us.

With that being said, did you know that an eco-friendly life can also be a budget-friendly life? And that by protecting the planet, we can protect our finances too?

Of course, by going green we can also save green. And by that, we mean money! 

Chances are, you understood this already. But if not, this post is for you! 

If you need a little more incentive to go green (as if saving the world wasn’t incentive enough), here are 3 ways that sustainable living that can be good for your bank balance too.

#1: Reduce Your Energy Bills

Not only will you protect the environment when you use less electricity, but you will also save a ton of money on your household energy bills. What’s not to love? 

If you’re one of those people who dreads the sound of the mailman coming to your home each day, it means it’s high time you took action.

Here are some green living solutions to reduce your energy bills:

    • Turn off the lights in rooms and areas you aren’t staying in
    • Unplug devices when they are fully charged
    • Install a smart thermostat to control heating more effectively
    • Turn your home eco friendly by becoming less reliant on your home heating system. Install solar panels instead. Visit Big Red Solar to learn more
    • Switch to a 100% green energy provider
    • Conserve water and electricity by only using your washing machine when you have full loads. And by spending less time in the shower!

These are just a few green life solutions to reduce your energy bills. But you can probably think of more. 

go green save green when shopping

#2: Reduce Your Shopping Bills

Are you tired of your high shopping bills? If so, stop spending so much time and money at the supermarket!

By living a greener lifestyle, you won’t need to waste so much money. And less shopping, means you won’t pollute the air driving to the store either. Win-win!

Need some green living solution ideas to save money?

    • Avoid chemically grown produce by growing your own fruits and vegetables in your eco garden
    • Reduce the need to buy potentially harmful beauty products by making your own
    • Use DIY cleaning products instead of store-bought toxic alternatives
    • Bring your own reusable shopping bags when you visit the store
    • Borrow things you need instead of buying. If you do buy, consider using Facebook Marketplace or another Buy/Sell marketplace in your area to buy used!
    • Learn how to fix your clothes to avoid throwing them away and buying new ones

These are just a few examples. But if you start thinking about your shopping needs, you will definitely find other efficient ways to save money (and the environment).

walking and biking as a green living solution

#3: Reduce Motoring Costs

Cars are an incredible convenience. But financially speaking, they cost us a lot of money. And if you didn’t know this by now, they are hugely responsible for polluting the earth’s atmosphere. 

To go green and save green by reducing motoring costs, you could:

  • Spend less time driving. A greener living solution is to walk or cycle to the places you need to be instead
  • Car share with others to reduce your need to drive. And to put one less car on the roads.
  • Drive sensibly, as you will burn less fuel this way, release fewer fumes into the air, and save money

You could also buy an electric car or a hybrid vehicle. So consider this option too when you need to change your car.

As shown above, being eco-friendly can also turn out to be budget-friendly. So use all of our eco friendly living tips, and browse our website for more helpful advice.

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