Creating a More Eco-Friendly Garden

by Megan Kioulafofski
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Are you preoccupied by environmental damage and climate change?

Are you looking to live in a sustainable manner and transform your living space to be an eco friendly home? Don’t forget about your garden as well! 

We all want a good looking garden, but we tend to be pretty wasteful, and even harmful in how we care for the environment.

But what does an eco garden look like and how can you create one?

If you want to counter harmful gardening methods and the resulting environmental damage, there are many things you can do. For those wishing to make a difference, in today’s post we’ll be looking at a few tips to help you look after your garden in a conscious way.

Stop Polluting The Environment

Weeds and pests are two of the most common concerns in the average garden. Yet, it’s the way we solve these problems that tends to be of even more concern. 

Chemical pesticides, fertilizers and weed killers help prevent plant disease, but can also harm your local ecosystem big time. Not to mention they can soak into the soil and even get into local water suppliers. 

Luckily, there are plenty of natural alternatives to protect your plants. These sustainable landscaping practices help conserve water and energy, and reduce waste.

If you want a more eco friendly garden, organic gardening sprays can help take care of weeds and deter pests, naturally. They might be a little more work than commonly used herbicides, but they are definitely less harmful to the environment.

Also, by growing dill and fennel, or some native plants and wildflowers, you can attract beneficial insects. Native bees and butterflies can help pollinate your garden naturally and keep invasive species away.

Use Fewer Fossil Fuel-Powered Tools

Did you know that most of the energy consumption around the world comes from burning fossil fuels?

Are you aware that these same fossil fuels are among the major contributors to atmospheric pollution? That they are responsible for global warming and respiratory health problems?

Despite the growing care for the environment, we are still using too much energy. And it’s our fossil-fueled energy consumption that keeps us far away from an ideal low-carbon way of living.  

When it comes to gardening, there’s no denying that tools like a big drive-on lawnmower can help you get your gardening done in less time. And with less effort. But they also tend to consume more fossil fuels than they need to.

There are plenty of energy saving gardening tools that can help you get the same job done but without quite as much waste. For eco gardens, check out battery-powered ones like the Works GT Revolution Trimmer instead.

For Eco Friendly Gardens, Mind Your Water Usage Habits

What better way to fuel your eco friendly gardening efforts than by saving water!

If you’re even just a bit concerned with environmental safety, you must know by now that we are using too much water. We use it to everything from drinking, cleaning, and washing, to producing most of what we eat and wear. But we do very little to conserve it. 

The problem is that our excessive usage of water is slowly but surely depleting its supplies. And without this valuable resource, the world as we know it will end!

watering eco friendly garden

Water waste is one of the biggest sustainability issues in gardening, too. That’s why, where possible try to reuse the rainwater that naturally collects in the garden and household. This can be easily done especially when watering individual plants. 

But since your lawn might need a little more hydration, there are water-saving options like the MP Rotator. This tool can help you ensure your lawn gets the care it deserves, without using more water than it needs to.

Encourage a Strong Local Ecosystem

If you want your garden to be eco friendly, you can go a step further than trying to cut the harm in your gardening efforts. You can also take steps to encourage a healthier local ecosystem.

For biodiversity and a proper wildlife habitat, start planting different plant species. You should include shrubs and woodland plants too, but also mulch which helps protect the soil.

One of the best examples is to look at wildflower seed products like American Meadows.  You’ll be able to grow the kind of flowers that local pollinators are most likely to use.

Eco Gardens Start With Composting

If you’re looking to improve the pH value, nutritional quality, and other aspects of your lawn’s health, composting is the way to go.

There are few better options out there we can recommend when looking after your garden than by starting your own composting bin. All your organic matter waste can help contribute to a stronger and healthier garden. 

Start by building a compost bin and place it somewhere in the garden where it can get plenty of sun. Also, make sure that it doesn’t get exposed to too much rain. You can now start creating a compost pile which in turn can strengthen your eco garden. Don’t be afraid to add any organic matter to it, from egg shells or manure, to leaves and even dog food.

You deserve a gorgeous and well-kept garden but you can do that while also minimizing your harm to the environment. So why not aim to have an eco friendly garden instead?

Hopefully, the tips listed above will help you do just that!

And if you’re looking for more eco friendly living tips like the ones mentioned above, keep reading our blog. We have some amazing advice for your zero waste journey!

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