How To Practice Environmental Protection And Conservation From Your Home

by Megan Kioulafofski
environmental protection and conservation

Why Is Environmental Protection And Conservation Important?

The world will commemorate the 51st anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, 2021. With this thought in mind, now that most of us are spending a lot of our time working remotely, maybe it’s time you start considering how you contribute to environmental protection and conservation at home. And if you haven’t given it much thought until now, then consider this statistic – in 2019, 70 million tons of pollution got released into the atmosphere in the US alone! 

Not sure what environmental conservation is?

Environmental conservation involves all the methods of protection, preservation, management, or restoration of natural environments and the ecological communities that inhabit them. And if you think eco-friendly practices are only helping us fight water pollution, preserve ecosystems or protect the environment from fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions and plastic pollution, think again! Environmental conservation is also helping us survive as a species, both by preventing the emergence of new diseases, and by ensuring we can still benefit from the natural resources we so desperately need.

For those wondering what is the difference between environmental protection and conservation, these two practices are closely linked. The difference comes from the fact that conservation is generally associated with the protection of existing natural resources. Preservation on the other hand is associated with the protection of the environment from harmful human activities. To find out how you can play your eco conservation part, take a look at these three practises below.

companies caring about eco conservation

1. Support Eco-Friendly Companies

Consumers have the purchasing power to decide where their money goes. For that reason, if you’re preoccupied by environmental protection and conservation you should make a deliberate effort to support companies (big or small) that source their products through sustainable means and which care about waste management. In most cases, a percentage of profits from such businesses are dedicated to green trusts. Through this, the company ensures your financial contribution to their product achieves some impact.

For example, by opting for reusable shopping bags and reusable produce bags for your grocery shopping, you cut out the unhealthy practice of using plastic bags. America alone created an astounding 42 million tons of plastic waste only four years ago. Each year, the numbers continue to rise, and you have the power to decelerate this staggering rate. 

How do you find such businesses that help with environmental protection and conservation? You have all the information at your fingertips! The answer to this question is the Internet. A simple Google search of companies creating green products in the US will provide all the answers you need. Better yet, you can decide to donate monthly (if you can) to organizations such as the Rainforest Trust or the Conservation Action Fund.

2. Use Your Windows To Regulate The Temperature

Depending on the weather conditions, your windows at home can play a vital role in the eco conservation of energy. For example, during the summer, you enhance adequate cross-ventilation indoors by opening your windows at home. Whereas in the colder months, properly sealed windows will ensure heat conservation. An over-reliance on heat and cooling appliances can be regulated only if you find efficient alternatives. The global energy industry continues to race against time to reverse the damage human activity has caused to nature. If you want to do your part in environmental protection and conservation, you can do that from home, with only the help of your windows.

3. Replace Plastic Bottles With Portable Flasks When Out And About

Instead of buying drinking water from the closest shop when you’re out, choose a better option for the sake of environmental protection and conservation. For example, portable water flasks are ideal containers that help you reduce the number of bottles you would have discarded daily. If your tap is your source of drinking water at home, fill up your portable flask and refrigerate it for that cool hydration you require.

You can look at it from this angle. If fifty Americans used water flasks instead, they would prevent 2,600 non-recyclable bottles from polluting the environment and filling the oceans with waste. If flasks are not your thing, other reusable bottles are ideal choices as well. Ultimately, your aim should be a commitment to replace old practices with eco-friendly ones that are good for both eco conservation and your wellbeing. Indeed, small changes have the power to make a difference. 

What Is Your Part In Preserving The Earth’s Natural Resources?

When it comes to environmental protection and conservation little steps may seem like nothing much. But if taken by thousands or millions of people simultaneously, a positive change can be affected. By making these small changes from your home, you will gradually make a difference in the global mission to uphold green practices.

From tree planting in your garden to energy and water conservation or recycling, there are many ways you can show your appreciation for this planet that we all call Home. If you need more inspiration for your your eco-friendly journey, you might find the following content useful:

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