Eco-Friendly Living: A First-Timer’s Guide To Buying A Green Home

by Megan Kioulafofski
eco friendly home

Green living is trending, and for good reasons. It is your chance to give back to the planet by conserving resources. The best part is that embracing a sustainable lifestyle is easier than you imagine. You can start it at home. In fact, you are in a good place to do it if you want to buy a house. 

Surveys show that 71% of American home buyers look for sustainability when checking properties. If you’re a first-timer looking to buy a green home, there’s plenty of inspiration around. And there are lots of options because real estate developers are joining the green bandwagon with more eco-friendly projects. 

Are you ready to step up your game and dive into the world of eco-friendly living in your new home? You need not stress about finding a perfect place because we will take you through the essentials and help you navigate the exciting world of eco-friendly real estate. Here’s an ultimate guide to eco-friendly living and how to find the perfect green home. 

Define your green goals

Before you start hunting for your dream property, figure out your green goals. Creating a wishlist is something every sensible buyer does before embarking on a shopping spree. But you need to think a bit more about the must-haves when looking for an eco-friendly place as a first-timer. 

Start by considering the basics. Are you looking to reduce your carbon footprint as a homeowner? Do you want to save on energy bills or embrace a healthier lifestyle? Determine what matters most and focus on finding a green home that aligns with your values.

Look for the right location

Location plays a key role when it comes to buying a green home. Look for neighborhoods with easy access to public transportation, biking trails, and local amenities. You’ll have to drive less, which means low fuel consumption and tons of money savings. 

Proximity to green spaces, eco-conscious businesses, and green spaces is another factor that adds value to a location. You must skim the best locations in your area to narrow down your search and find your dream property sooner than later.

Learn the basics of green materials and designs

Did you know that the right materials and building designs are the cornerstones of sustainable homes? Learning the basics can ease your journey as a first-time buyer. Pay attention to the materials and construction methods used in the house before sealing the deal. 

Sustainable building materials include bamboo flooring, reclaimed wood, and recycled glass countertops. Locally-sourced ones are a plus because they minimize transport emissions. Opt for homes with green designs that make the most of small spaces. The more eco-conscious the construction, the best place investment it makes.

Dig deep into the project’s background

Whether you buy a new project or a pre-lived place, ensure to dig deep into the background. If you don’t know much about sustainable projects, get ready with research so that you can ask the right questions from the developer. 

For example, they should have completed Phase 1 ESA as a part of environmental due diligence for the property. A Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment uncovers the past and present land use and risks. 

As a buyer, you must pay attention to these factors because they determine how eco-friendly a property is. You cannot expect to achieve your green goals by choosing a house built over a lot with hazardous spills. 

Seek energy efficiency

One of the key perks of green homes is their energy efficiency, so it is one thing you shouldn’t miss out on. Look for properties with features like energy-efficient appliances, LED lighting, and smart thermostats. 

Also, check if the place has proper insulation, double-pane windows, and a high-efficiency HVAC system. While these features reduce your carbon footprint, they can save you some serious cash on energy bills in the long run.

Water conservation matters

Saving water is also a sustainability goal because the resource is limited and precious. A green home is about being water-wise though buyers often prioritize energy savings while house hunting. But finding a water-efficient home is easier than you imagine. 

Look for a place with low-flow toilets, water-efficient faucets, and shower heads, as these fixtures minimize wastage. Outdoor features such as rainwater harvesting systems and drought-resistant landscaping take you the extra mile with water conservation. And once again, you can get a significant cut in your bills.

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Think solar

Solar power is the name of the sustainable real estate game. If you’re serious about adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle, consider buying a home equipped with solar panels. The property may cost more, but it is worth paying for. Solar panels harness solar power to produce electricity and reduce your reliance on the grid. 

You may even potentially generate extra electricity and sell it back to the utility company. Another great thing about buying a solar home is that it sets you up for incentives and tax cuts from the government. 

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Connect with green real estate agents

The easiest way to buy a sustainable home as a first-timer is to collaborate with a like-minded agent. Finding the perfect place can be overwhelming, but this simple step does the trick. An eco-conscious real estate agent knows the ins and outs of the eco-friendly housing market, so they can help you find your dream house. 

Besides having the scoop on the latest green properties in your target locations, they can guide you through the whole process, from house hunting to negotiations to closing the deal.

Don’t stress about finding the perfect green home if you are new to the world of real estate. Keeping these simple tips in mind get you in a good place to conquer the world of eco-friendly living. Remember that finding a green home isn’t just about reducing your carbon footprint. 

It is also about creating a space that reflects your vision and promotes a healthier lifestyle. Moreover, it saves you tons of money in the long run with lower utility bills. Be ready to work harder to hunt the best place if you want to reap these benefits.

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